Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Fishing Kayak Review

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable KayakProduct specifications

  • Length 11 feet 2 inches
  • Width 2 feet 10 inches
  • Tube diameter 9 inches
  • Capacity 2 adults
  • Shipping weight 26 lbs

Product Review

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Fishing Kayak with Deluxe Package is a two person kayak designed to enable easy and comfortable cruising as well as transportation. The transportation of this kayak is quite easy as the entire package can comfortably fit in a single bag. Its weight is also considerably low.

Being a 2 person kayak, the sea eagle kayak comes with two paddles enabling both anglers to row at the same time. This makes the kayak achieve great speeds while maintaining clear tracks. Having two people steering the kayak gives it great strength to overcome storm eddies even in high current waters.

Unlike other inflatable kayaks, this kayak has a specially made foot pump. This is a special pump designed to make pumping easy and manageable by every person. In less than ten minutes, the kayak will be fully set up and ready to cruise.

The kayak is also unique in its modeling. It has an I-beam construction floor with two kegs on the bottom. This is aimed at enabling the kayak track comfortably and move at high speeds.

Pros of Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Fishing Kayak

  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Can move at high speeds
  • Accommodates two people at the same time
  • The kayak has two kegs at the bottom giving it great stability
  • The kayak is light thus easy to transport
  • Easy to paddle
  • Compact

Cons of Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Fishing Kayak

  • The kayak has limited storage
  • Highly priced making it affordable to few people
  • The paddles can be a burden to carry along
  • Not suitable for children

Best Feature

The availability of two seats is the best feature of the Sea Eagle kayak. This not only gives great comfort but also enables the anglers paddle the kayak at a high speed. When out fishing, this serves as a good technique to enable one angler paddle while the other one fishes.

Worst Feature

The kayak has little storage space. The kayak has little storage space limiting the anglers on the number of accessories they can carry with them. If out for a family event, this is not the best kayak to transport your necessities in. you would need to have you belongings carried by your friends.

My Personal Tips

To make it easy to set up and use the kayak in the water, be sure to request for a user manual. This is a guideline as to how to unpack, inflate, use and repack the kayak. All these guidelines will ensure that your kayak serves you for long without getting destroyed.

Customer’s Review

A huge number of customers are really happy with the introduction of this kayak in the market. Most of them are particularly amazed by the ability to carry two people and move at high speeds. The kayak has received a weighted 4.2 rating on Amazon which is a good rating indicating great satisfaction among its users.


Buying a kayak is not a decision based only on the price. Factors such as durability, speed and stability out to be considered and this is exactly why Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Fishing Kayak with Deluxe Package stands out in the market. The kayak has all these features and more and will easily be operated while out in the water.

There is no better kayak in the market than Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Fishing Kayak with Deluxe Package when looking for speed, durability, comfort and ease of operation. This is a kayak that will give you value for money and leave you fully satisfied.

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