Riot Kayaks Enduro Flatwater Fishing Kayak

Riot Kayaks Enduro 12 Angler Flatwater Fishing KayakThe high capacity kayak fits any fishing expedition. This is simply due to its huge load capacity of up to 350 lbs. this makes the kayak a true work horse that gives great fishing experiences to anglers who use them.

The popular Riot Kayaks Enduro Flatwater Fishing Kayak has a custom fit seating system. The seat has a back rest and cushioning that makes it rank among the most comfortable kayak seats. For the legs, there are quick-lock adjustable foot braces that help the angler stay secure in the kayak.

Product specifications

  • Length 12’/ 366 cm
  • Width 30’’/ 76 cm
  • Weight 68.3 lbs/ 31 kg
  • Hatch 15.75’’x 8.13’’
  • Deck plate 4’’ diameter

To make fishing easy and enjoyable, the kayak also has an adjustable rod holder. This enables the angler paddle the boat while still checking hook lines and nets. It also ensures that the paddles are safe thus not lost in the lake.

Riot Kayaks Enduro Flatwater Fishing Kayak has a huge capacity which is boosted by the two hatch covers. As such, these kayaks can handle a whole day’s catch without pulling to the shore. The two compartments used for camping and fishing gear also comes as a plus to the kayak’s effectiveness in the fishing industry.

Pros of Riot Kayaks Enduro Flatwater Fishing Kayak

  • The boat is very stable making it handle rough waters comfortably
  • Has a comfortable seat that gives great comfort. The seat is adjustable to suit everyone’s desire
  • The body is durable and can last for years
  • Has ample space for accessories
  • Has a drain plug that keeps the boat free from any water

Cons of Riot Kayaks Enduro Flatwater Fishing Kayak

  • The kayak is quite weighty. This makes its transportation prove difficult to some fishermen
  • The price offered for the kayak is on the higher end making it not affordable to many
  • The seat pad loses it cushioning quite fast

Best Feature

The best feature of the Riot Kayaks Enduro 12 Angler Flat-water Fishing Kayak is its two unique compartments that are sealed. These are essential in storing fishing and camping materials. This is what gives the kayak its great storage capacity. The compartments also play part in increasing the boat’s width which gives it great stability.

Worst Feature

The worst feature of this kayak is the seat padding. The kayak comes with the basic padding that demands replacement after the first day’s fishing. Moreover, the seat has a poorly done backrest that can hardly cater for your specific back needs. The seat may need replacement to give enough support and comfort.

My Personal Tip

The kayak comes with a well elaborated manual. This is a manual that covers the boat’s operations and the features it has. With the manual, it becomes quite easy to use the kayak and have the best fishing experience. Always make a point of referring to the manual when something doesn’t seem to be in order.

Customer’s Review

Most of the customers who have used Riot Kayaks Enduro Flatwater Fishing Kayak have found great pleasure in the boat’s stability. This enables the kayak sail without rolling over regardless of the day’s weather. The huge storage capacity offered by the two compartments is also a plus and has seen many anglers get total satisfaction. These features have seen the kayak scoop a whooping 5 star rating on Amazon and other rating sites.


Riot Kayaks Enduro Flatwater Fishing Kayak counts among the best kayaks in the market. The durable, comfortable and easy to operate kayak offers nothing but the best services. When out fishing with the kayak, you can be sure of having a good catch. This is not to mention the wide load capacity that allows you to fish all day.

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