Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak

Perception Sport Pescador 12 KayakThe Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak is among the best known kayaks globally. The renowned performer is a versatile sit-on-top kayak that not only gives indisputable comfort but can also travel at considerably high speeds.

The easy to use sit-on-top kayak normally comes fully rigged with amazing fishing features that enable it to hit the water right away. The most desirable feature that any angler will be quick to point out is the unique versatile hull design. This enables the kayak to comfortably track in lakes as well as in rivers.

Product specifications

  • Load capacity 350lbs/ 159 kg
  • Length 12’ / 366cm
  • Width 28’’ / 71 cm
  • Kayak weight 60 lbs / 27 kg

Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak has an extra large cockpit which offers ample working area. This is a big advantage to fishermen who engage in vigorous fishing activities as it provides plenty room to tackle. This is not to mention the ease of entering and exiting the kayak.

The Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak also comes with a comfortable seat (comfort seating system) that enables the anglers to sit for as long as 10 hours comfortably. It also has a mounted rod holder that gives the much needed convenience while fishing.

To make fishing easy to handle, the kayak comes with a center day hatch that give ample storage room for the fish caught and the anglers’ accessories. It also has a bow hatch  and a tank that is fitted with a bungee cord.

Pros of Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak

  • Comfortable modifiable seating system that comes with a back support
  • 2 dry seals which can comfortably be used as hatch covers
  • The kayak has a bow hatch that gives it additional storage space for the angler’s gear
  • The kayak adopts a polythene Rotomolded construction making it very durable
  • It’s stern has a conveniently placed flash mount holder that secures the fishing rod

Cons of Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak

  • Its weight is a big disadvantage to young teenagers
  • The kayak’s price is considerably high making it unaffordable to many
  • The kayak can only accommodate one person and thus fishing may not be any fun

Best Feature

The best feature of the Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak is the comfort seating system. This is a cockpit that is molded in to accommodate a comfortable seat and enough room for the angler. The padded seat is comfortable and comes with a backrest that offers the angler all day comfort while fishing.

Worst Feature

The worst feature of the Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak is its scuppers. The scuppers will in most cases let water to sip in making the sit wet. For the kayak to be effectively used, the scuppers have to be changed along with the seat pad which gets hard within an hour.

My Personal Tip

Once you have purchased the kayak, it is advisable that you go through the operational manual. This gives vast knowledge on how to control the kayak effectively. Without all the necessary information, the kayak will not give you all the desired services and may also beat you in its operations during stormy sessions.

Customer’s Review

The Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak has received great love from its users who have given it a 4.8 rating on Amazon and other rating sites. This is mainly due to its great stability and ability to carry huge space. The customers are also satisfied with the price offered for the product as it’s services are surely worth the cost.


Perception Sport Pescador Fishing Kayak comes with a modern design making it stand out in the market. Right from its comfortable seat to its wide storage space, the kayak is among the most modern kayaks serving all angler needs. The kayak can maneuver small ponds as well as rivers making it unique and convenient for all types of fishermen.

The fact that this kayak comes with so many specialties and adorable features makes it the best choice in the market. It brings both comfort and latest technology making it the perfect piece to go for to stay abreast with the latest technology in the industry. An obvious choice especially when you can buy it at a discounted price on Amazon.