Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak

Old Town 10-Feet Vapor 10 Angler Recreational Fishing KayakThe popular Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak serves as the most comfortable as it comes with adjustable flex seats. These seats have a nice padding that makes them very comfortable. More to this, it has a molded in paddle rest that makes paddling very easy.

Using the kayak is thus easy as you can paddle for long without getting fatigued. This is not to mention the ease of sailing through troubled waters. Check out this kayak specifications!

Product specifications:

  • The recreational fishing kayak is made of single layer polythene
  • It comes with a length of 10’/3 m and a width of 28.5’’/ 72.4 cm
  • The cockpit measures 121.9cm x 19.5’’ x 48’’
  • The deck has a height of 16.75’’/ 42.6 cm
  • The kayak weighs 49lbs/ 22.2kg
  • Maximum load range 275-325lbs

The Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak is the number one choice for fishermen as it has a molded in cockpit tray. This tray has a cup holder and is well curved inside the kayak. The molding in lowers the center of gravity enabling the kayak gain great stability and thus comfortable to fish with.

The availability of anchor trolley system enables quick, inexpensive and easy modifications. This is arguably the best items to install in a fishing kayak. If fitted perfectly, it enables easy, safe and relaxing fishing experience.

Pros of Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak

  • This kayak is easy to use while out fishing
  • The kayak enables customization in terms of storage capacity
  • This kayak is relatively fast
  • The kayak can ferry huge weights

Cons of Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak

  • Doesn’t allow enough space for accessories
  • Movement of legs is restricted by the molded-in cockpit
  • The price is quite high
  • The kayak is weighty making it difficult to transport

Best Feature

The best feature of this kayak is the molded-in cock pit. This gives it top class comfort and at the same time gives one the freedom to move the legs as they wish inside the cockpit. The curved in cockpit also improves on the kayak’s stability making fishing very friendly.

Worst Feature

The worst feature of the fishing kayak is its weight. Though essential in the maintenance of its stability while cruising, this weight limits the transportation of the kayak. This also renders it unusable to the young teens who also want to have some experience fishing. This has also been known to make the kayak slow ion its movements.

My personal tips

When making any purchase, insist on getting the manual. This will be essential in helping you know how to operate the kayak. There are different ways of controlling the kayak depending on the day’s weather and this can only be understood best by following the manual.

Customer’s Review

The modern top class kayak has received numerous positive reviews. It has received a weighted rating of 4.7 on Amazon making it among the top rated products. Most customers are satisfied with the ability to sail through narrow rivers. This is a service that cannot be offered by big sized canoes.


The Old Town Vapor Fishing Kayak is among the modern fishing vessels that are not only efficient in all fishing expeditions but also affordable to many. The quality of service offered cannot be undervalued giving the fisherman quality for their money. This s a kayak that will never disappoint as it enables one to fish all day having a capacity to hold huge loads.

With so many adorable and friendly features, this is definitely the kayak to go for while making your purchase. Its purchase offers you the opportunity to enjoy free shopping services from Amazon and this makes it possible for anyone to shop from any corner of the world. For a limited time, enjoy  discounted price on Amazon.

For more information on how to setup an Old Town Vapor, check out the video below: