Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak Review

Ocean Kayak Banzai KayakProduct Specifications

  • Length 9 feet 6 inches
  • Width 28.5 inches
  • Weight 36 pounds
  • Maximum load range 200-230 pounds

Product Review

TheOcean Kayak Banzai Kayak is a lightweight design. The professionally made kayak is suitable for people of all ages including kids who are new to fishing.  The seats are well contoured with extremely comfortable seat back that makes them to be very convenient.

The Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak also comes with a low profile deck and smooth lines making it comfortable to paddle with shorter arms. This allows the children to be able to use the boat.

The tag along system in the Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak lets one tow their child or other  kayaks if the need arises. It also has side carry handles, stern carrying handles and replaceable skid plate for added durability.

Pros of Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak

  • The Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak is a skid plate
  • It has bow, stern and side carrying handles
  • Availability of tag along tow system
  • It is lightweight
  • Employs contoured seats
  • Low profile deck
  • Has a cup holder
  • It has side handles
  • Has carrying handles

Cons of Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak

  • Has limited storage space
  • It has been designed restricted to small sized individuals and children with small arms

Best Feature

The Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak has a tag and tow system which comes in very handy as it is used by the adults to tow the kids along in case they become too exhausted to paddle. This system is very essential as it helps reduce cases of accidents and deaths.

Worst Feature

It has a small storage space hence cannot accommodate a lot of things. Sometimes, you would need to look for methods of modifying the storage or else have someone carrying the luggage for you. This is quite inconveniencing especially when one is out fishing alone. If carrying huge luggage, it is not the best choice.

My Personal Tips

One needs to learn the operating system of the Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak and especially the tag and tow system for efficiency of the system

Customer’s Review

The customer’s reviews were outstanding with a lot of positive comments coming from them. Their comments include that the Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak is stable and hence easy to control. That it is good for children who are beginners. The pricing is also said to be well done


This Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak is specially designed for children. The low profile, child friendly seat allows easy movement and more mobility for small bodies. The tag along tow system lets the parent tow their children when they are too tired to paddle. This becomes then a safety precaution as a child cannot drown after paddling for long as their parents or guardians will be able to help.

The Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak is comfortable and allows easy mobility for small bodies. The Kayak helps children to learn how to paddle. The skid plate helps protect the bottom part of the Ocean Kayak Banzai Kayak when it comes into contact with the ground. The contoured seats have been fitted with a resting pad for the back of the baby to rest on it. It also protects the child from falling out or the Kayak flipping over.

This is the most suitable Kayak for children hence all children should get it! The price is also friendly given the quality of service it will always give you. You definitely will never go wrong in choosing this kayak especially if you can get it at a discounted price! Click the button below:

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