Lifetime Adult Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak Review

Lifetime Adult Payette Sit-Inside KayakProduct specifications

  • Length 116 inches
  • Width 30 inches
  • Height 14 inches
  • Shipping weight 46 pounds
  • Originated from USA

Product review

The Lifetime Adult Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak is currently the best kayak in the market.  This is simply due to the ease of operation as well as its ability to accommodate all classes of people. This is the perfect kayak for armature fishermen as well as kids trying their hand in fishing.

The Lifetime Adult Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak has a large cocktail which goes a long way in giving it its desirable stability. Moreover, it has a seat with a backrest that is super comfortable which allows one to paddle for long. It has a bottom that is flat and stable with stability chine rails and deep tracking channels. This makes it extremely safe and stable. It is made of polyethylene that is molded, making it impact resistant, durable, and ultraviolet rays protected.

It has front and rear carry handles which make it easy to transport. There are also shock cords straps which enhance paddling making it to be very efficient and effective.

Pros of Lifetime Adult Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak

  • It is very stable hence safe
  • Has shock cord straps on the front
  • Little storage hatch on the back
  • Comfortable seats

Cons of Lifetime Adult Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak

  • Some Sit-in-Kayaks do not have adjustable foot rests.
  •  foot rests are not adjustable
  • There are no thigh pads for around the cockpit edges which are sharp

Best Feature

They have been designed in a number of styles and materials thus offering different tastes.  Much of the angler’s body is usually inside providing protection from wind and waves. It also provides ultraviolet rays protection hence more suitable, more safe hence much preferable.

Worst Feature

It is impossible to have a dry ride inside the sit-inside Kayak. This is because they do not automatically drain the water inside. They therefore can swamp. This means that one has to incur an extra cost by either carrying a spray skirts for dry ride or a bailer or pump to empty the water in case of a swamp.

My Personal Tips

It is important for one to go through the manual properly and make sure that they know exactly how the Lifetime Adult Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak to operate the Kayak. Only then will one have the confidence and be fully equipped to manage the Kayak inside the water without fear.

Customer’s review

The Sit-Inside Kayak has received ample positive reviews from previous customers. It is ranked as #12 in sports and outdoors in Amazon best sellers rank with a rate of 3.7. Some of the comments given by customers include very stable, feels comfortable, solid and confident. The workmanship put into creating this kayak is good too.

The overall customers review is that they are happy with the Kayak.


All sit-in kayaks have decks. The paddler will sit on a fixed seat found inside the cockpit. The legs brace is situated on the pedals below the front deck. This kayak can be used in many ways ranging from touring, recreational and whitewater. Also, you can get this kayak in tandems and some in rudders.

Touring have hatches for storage of gears for extended trips. They are also long and narrow for speed. Whitewater Kayaks will be shorter with lots of rocker so as to easily maneuver in chop and current. Recreational models will be wide for stability.

With the improved look, so many specialties and features, this Lifetime Adult Payette Sit-In Fishing Kayak is definitely one to opt for. Click on the button below for additional discounts:

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